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Icecream PDF Converter 2.0

Converts PDF files into various document and image formats and vice versa
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No doubt PDF is the most widely used document format nowadays. However, many students, professionals and office workers usually need to convert their PDF files into other document or image formats, for many reasons. Icecream PDF Converter perfectly covers this need as it supports converting PDF documents into several other well-known formats, and vice versa.

The program offers an attractive and comfortable user interface where you can select between two sections that are self-descriptive enough - "From PDF" and "To PDF". Both sections support the conversion of multiple source files at once, in batches. The "From PDF" section allows you to add any number of source PDF documents to the conversion list and then you can select a single output format for all of them, or one output format for each source file. The available output formats you can select among are DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS, HTML and WMF. You can also specify the page ranges to be converted and whether to split the source files or not (i.e. whether to generate a single output file per source document page).

The "To PDF" section of the program works in a similar way to the "From PDF" section as you can add multiple source files for conversion, in any of the supported formats (all the mentioned above plus some others like XLS, XLSX, ODS, EPUB, MOBI and FB2). The main differences between both sections are that in the "To PDF" section you can select to merge all your source files into a single PDF document, and also you can set some output PDF parameters like the file name, title, publisher and password, as well as the image scale, page size, margins, rotation angle and page orientation. Unfortunately, the "From PDF" section doesn't allow you to configure the internal parameters of any of the supported output formats.

In conclusion, unless one have pretty specific or advanced needs, I would say Icecream PDF Converter is a very advisable tool when it comes to converting PDF documents into other file formats, or converting documents or image files into PDF files. The "Free" version of the program can be used indefinitely, however, it only allows you to convert up to 10 pages from each PDF document or only 5 documents/images into PDF format. Besides, this version lacks some of the most powerful features the program offers, like page orientation setting and files merging. So, it's very advisable to upgrade to the paid version of the program to enjoy all its functionality.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Attractive and comfortable interface
  • Allows you to merge multiple documents or image files into a single PDF file
  • Supports a wide variety of input/output formats


  • You cannot configure the internal parameters of the supported output formats in the "From PDF" section
  • The free version of the program is too limited
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