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Icecream PDF Converter

Convert Word, ODT, HTML, EPUB, and image files into PDF and vice versa
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More of a trial than a full-fledged free app, Icecream PDF Converter transforms any Word, image, HTML, EPUB, and OpenOffice file into PDF and vice versa (here with a number of limitations). You can convert up to five files in any of the formats supported into as many PDF files in one go, and merge a batch of files in the same format into one single PDF just as easily. PDF conversion of various files into any of the file formats supported is also possible, allowing you to select a different output format for each PDF on the list, if needed.

Converting text-based and image files into PDF documents with a 100% success only requires a decent PDF distiller. Getting a high level of accuracy stopped being rocket science long ago, and even standard text editors offer you this functionality as part of its charm. Icecream PDF Converter is no exception, and it produces very good to excellent PDF files from any Word, RTF, ODT, or HTML file, as well as from any image in any of the many formats supported (except for hyperlinks, which stop being clickable when converted to PDF). Converting from PDF to any of those files is a completely different story, for which not even Adobe has managed to find a happy ending for. As in most converters, PDF files with mostly text and no or very few and simple tables, images, graphics, and diagrams usually convert well into text-based formats such as Word or ODT. However, as soon as you put one or more of these elements into the equation, chances are that the layout (and the content) of the resulting file resembles less and less that of the original. And, again, Icecream PDF Converter is no exception to this rule either.

To these standard limitations (conversion wise), you have to add the limitations that Icecream Apps imposes on this free version of the program. Conversion from PDF is limited to the first 10 pages, which in many cases won’t even get you to the preface (a limitation that has been removed when converting to PDF). Merging files in different formats into one single PDF file is not allowed, and you won’t be able to change the orientation or the size of the resulting pages when converting images to PDF. If you want to lift these limitations, you have to options – go Pro for a fee, or use PDFCandy instead – an Internet-based PDF conversion tool, developed also by Icecream Apps, and that performs a wide variety of PDF-related conversion and editing tasks online.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Converts e-books, Word, and image files to PDF and vice versa
  • Merges various source documents into one PDF
  • Pro version merges to one PDF files in various formats
  • Multiple-output PDF conversion
  • Bulk conversion
  • Built-in PDF reader for file preview
  • Supports PDF password protection


  • The free version has too many limitations
  • Conversion from complex PDF files produces unsatisfactory results
  • Links are not clickable when converted to PDF
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